This is Structure ADMINISTRATIVE of the San Francisco Building Code, titled “BULLETINS.” It is part of Code building, titled “Building Code.” It contains 41 laws.

§ AB-001
Preparing Administrative Bulletins
§ AB-004
Priority Permit Processing Guidelines
§ AB-005
Procedures for Approval of Local Equivalencies
§ AB-009
Local Equivalency for Approval of New Openings in New and Existing Building Property Line Walls
§ AB-010
Local Equivalency for Approval of Communicating Openings Between Buildings on Separate Properties
§ AB-013
Application of Disabled Access Provisions to Historic Buildings
§ AB-015
Allowable Temporary Interruptions to Disabled Access
§ AB-017
Exception to Requirements for Disabled Access to Vacant Spaces
§ AB-018
Local Equivalency for Approval of Emergency Escape or Rescue Windows at Courts and Light Wells
§ AB-019
Local Equivalency for Approval of Fire Escapes as a Required Means of Egress
§ AB-020
Local Equivalency for Exiting Through a Garage Area for Type V, Group R Buildings
§ AB-023
Crane Site Safety Plan and Building Permits
§ AB-025
Preapplication Requirement for State Industrial Safety Permit for Certain Trenching, Demolition, and Construction Activities
§ AB-026
Noise Insulation Enforcement Procedures
§ AB-027
Illegal Unit Reoccupancy Enforcement Procedure
§ AB-028
Pre-application and Pre-addendum Plan Review Procedures
§ AB-031
Identification of Revisions on Pages of Drawings
§ AB-035
Procedure for Assigning Street Numbers (Addresses)
§ AB-036
Special Inspection for Demolition Work
§ AB-040
Referral of Design Professionals and Contractors to Regulatory Agencies
§ AB-042
Board of Examiners: Request for Variance, New Materials, or Alternate Methods of Construction
§ AB-043
Ventilation of Public Spaces in Group R Occupancies
§ AB-046
Special Inspection and Structural Observation Procedures
§ AB-047
Specific Submittal Criteria for Reports, Special Inspections and Final Acceptance Testing of Smoke Control Systems
§ AB-056
Disabled Access Compliance Status Documentation
§ AB-057
Local Equivalency for Approval of Roof Hatches in Lieu of Stairway Penthouses in Designated Buildings
§ AB-058
Procedures for Seismic Instrumentation of New Buildings
§ AB-060
Information Technology Rooms Definitions and Requirements
§ AB-078
Criteria for Waiving Special Inspection Requirements for Signs, Awnings and Canopies
§ AB-082
Guidelines and Procedures for Structural Design Review
§ AB-083
Requirements and Guidelines for the Seismic Design of New Tall Buildings using Non-Prescriptive Seismic-Design Procedures
§ AB-084
Guidelines for the Structural Review of Continuous Tiedown Systems Used to Resist Overturning of Light-Framed Wood Shear Walls
§ AB-088
Collection and Storage of Trash, Recycling, and Compostable Materials
§ AB-090
Destination-Based Elevator Control System Requirements
§ AB-094
Definition and Design Criteria for Voluntary Seismic Upgrade of Soft- Story, Type V (Wood-Frame) Buildings
§ AB-098
Post-Earthquake Repair and Retrofit Requirements for Wood-Frame Residential Buildings with Three or More Dwelling Units
§ AB-099
Post-Earthquake Repair and Retrofit Requirements for Concrete Buildings
§ AB-100
Post-Earthquake Repair and Retrofit Requirements for One- and Two-Family Units
§ AB-105
Voluntary Sprinkler Protection for Existing High-Rise Buildings
§ AB-106
Procedures for Implementation of SFBC Chapter 34B
§ AB-107
Application of Engineering Criteria in SFBC Chapter 34B